Sales Promotion by Smartphones

Marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50. Many concepts which used to be valid for traditional marketing are not valid any more in the new hyperlocal world.
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Do's and Dont's - Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaigns are fundamentally different from the traditional campaigns.

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Shopping with Smartphones

More than 70% of Swiss own a Smartphone. Over 70% of these owners user their smartphone in a shopp, when shopping.
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Use of Smartphones

After a local search, in most of the cases, consumers visit a shop or they buy something in a shop after having performed a search on their smartphone.

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Sales Promotion vs. Advertising

One-way communication is out. Markets become again what they used to be: places of exchange of information and goods between peers. Social Media and new technologies, such as smartphone enable this change radically and comprehensively.
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Social Media and Coupons

The use of digital coupons in social media and on smartphones is steadily growing.

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Most influencial palyers in social media

Instant Messaging forms the biggest segment among the global market players in the social media world, followed by Social Networks.

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Targeting Tactics

At its most basic level, hyperlocal geo targeting simply involves creating a zone or "geo-fence" around a GPS coordinate, and targeting all users that pass through it.

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The Importance of Consumer Localisation

The consumers find themselves drowning in a deluge of information. They have an urgent need for more relevance of the messages they receive.
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Buying Behaviour of Men and Women

The difference between buying behaviour of men and women is increasing.

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Activities & Statistics

Selected Data about QUID activities in Social Networks:

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Trends for brick-and-mortar shops

The shop does not stop at the entrance door. You need to be present outside in public locations.

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Abandoned Baskets

The most important reasons why customers abandon full baskets (Answer frequency why customers abandon filled baskets):

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