Pricing Quid Services

These are the prices for standard Quid services. Basic subscription plan includes deal promotions and one coupon promotion per month. Premium subscription plan includes all Quid services: "Deals", "Coupons", "Event Invitations", "Contests" and "Loyalty Cards". Please note that "Deals" promotions can only be used by subscribers of Swiss mobile operators. There are no setup fees for any standard service. The premium subscription is priced at a fixed monthly rate as listed in the table. More details about the pricing for retailers, agencies and manufacturers are provided under the corresponding links.

The prices are prices in CHF for Switzerland including 8% VAT. For selected EU countries the prices are net prices in Euro. More details about international prices is available in the International Price List. We accept minimum 60% WIR for all service from the Swiss Barter community. Prices for customised services and services for large customers are provided on request.

Icon preisliste s2Detailed price lists for standard services:

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