Smart Selling Workshop

Smart Selling is a systematic, praxis proven coaching programme, consisting of three workshops, which are conducted every second week. After successfull completion, the participants are enabled...

  1. ... to implement effective hyperlocal marketing campaigns for their own business and the business of their customers;
  2. ... to use QUID, the platformfor hyperlocal sales promotion, efficently and effectively and advise B2C customers how to use QUID and...
  3. ... to implement improved B2B marketing & sales organisations.


  • Some years of marketing and sales experience are an advantage
  • Consultant- / Entrepreneur Personality
  • Successfull completion go the Smart Marketing Workshop
The focus is the SME (Account) and his requirements in the B2B and B2C environment. The following topics arecovered:
  • Service Portfolio
  • Development of uniform Account- and Action-Plans
  • QUID related campüaign planning and implementation
  • Presentation and training of suitable targeting tactics, methods and tools
The programme is designed for consultants and professional services firms in the SME environment. The particiapants preferably already deliver professional services or aim to set up and develop profesional services business or who aim to extend their service portfolio to digital and hyperlocal marketing services. In addition the programme is highly recommended for junior marketing managers, specialists and SME managment who aim to understand better and implement more effectively the potential of digital marketing.
The participants develop Account- and Action Plans fo selected accounts, learn how to optimise sales and marketing organisations of B2B and B2C customers, plan and coduct QUID-based hyperlocal campaigns. The programme concept is coaching. This implies particularly that:
  • Praxis oriented workshops with a focus on implementation, introductory presentation, individual- and group assignments.
  • Two weeks before the workshop the particiapants receive their first assignment, with the aim to present and discuss the solution during the initial workshop.
  • The programme aims to complement the daily work with assignments which are related to the participant's function. The developed solutions shall be immediately implemented and trained on the job. Therefore it is important to have some hours reserved for workshop related work during the daily operational work.
  • During the programme the participants are motivated to adopt the new marketing concepts in their daily business.
  • The participants receive n addition to the standard workshop documentation the SMS Handbook
  • Implementation barriers and issues are dicussed in groups. The discussions are consolidated to solution alternatives.