The Book: Smart Sales Promotions

Order now and learn how to create and protect own market spaces. Increase revenue, gain new customers, become different.

Also available as eBook in German (ISBN 978-3-9524360-1-1) and Serbian (ISBN 978-3-9524360-4-2).

Hyperlocal marketing in action for brick-and-mortar shops, small and large: Learn how  to implement effective smart phone marketing campaigns. Leverage quickly and simply the advantages of hyperlocal marketing by using QUID, smartphones and social networks.

This handbook approaches hyperlocal marketing from the practical side. It explains how small and medium sizes businesses can use efficently and effectively new technologies to implement new marketing concepts. Thus many important marketing and sales issues and barriers for SMEs can be efficiently solved with nearly zero pre-investments. Small business can re-shape their business and gain sustainable competitive adavantage.

B2C Marketing and Sales is changing fundamentally. Particularly brick-and-mortar shops are affected.

The established market segments are changing. The medium priced market segment is beeing squeeuzed from two side. from the premium as well as from the economy market segments. The marketing and sales process are changing with the change of market structure. SMEs need to meet these challenges proactively if they want to survive.


  • Business as usual? – Paradigm Shifts for Stationary Sales
  • The customer - King or Dictator?
  • Mobile phones - The missing link between Physical and Virtual World
  • QUID – The Hyperlocal Marketing Platform
  • Examples - Guides for Implementing Hyperlocal Marketing Campaigns

You do not need to be a technology or a marketing specialist in order to implement effectively the new technology. This book enables you to plan and implement hyperlocal marketing campaigns in as a short time span as possible. You don't need to spend time in analysing theoretical aspects. The book and QUID, die hyperlocal marketing platform os all you need to leverage the potential of the new technology and social media.