Quid Franchising Concept

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Aside from being a proven business with a low start-up cost, Quid is a unique white-labeled hyperlocal marketing platform providing comprehensive marketing services (Trade- and Sales Promotions) for manufacturers and for small, medium sized and large retail businesses.

Smart Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMS) is our franchising concept for our distribution partners. Franchisees get access to the Managed Quid Platform and Quid Marketing Services and get training from the Quid Academy.

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Quid Academy

Quid Academy is our training programme enabling our distribution partners to introduce new marketing concepts, to conduct digital and hyperlocal marketing campaigns and to solve effectively marketing issues of large, small and medium sized enterprises.

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Hyperlocal marketing is based on the growing use of smartphones. It makes location-, profile- and time-relevant ad messages possible. The ads become individual and adpative.

The Book: Smart Sales Promotions

Order now and learn how to create and protect own market spaces. Increase revenue, gain new customers, become different.

Also available as eBook in German (ISBN 978-3-9524360-1-1) and Serbian (ISBN 978-3-9524360-4-2).

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Smart Marketing Tutorials

Introducing digital and hyperlocal marketing principles and enabling the participants to plan and implement effective hyperlocal marketing campaigns.

Sign up for learning how to provide effective smartphone marketing services that meet SME needs.

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The Quid Academy workshops focus on implementing modern marketing concepts, such as hyperlocal marketing, geo-targeting and digital marketing campaigns. Download free Workshop Brochure.

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Tried and Tested Checklists

Selected Checklists from our SMS Programme and from our book Smart Marketing for SMEs. Please register to get a free copy.

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Dates 2016



Q3.2016 Hyperlokales Marketing mit Qupon Zürich, CH
Q3.2016 Hyperlokales Marketing mit Qupon Zürich, CH
Q4.2016 Hyperlokales Marketing mit Qupon Zürich, CH
Q4.2016 Hyperlocal Marketing with Qupon Krakau, PL
Q3.2016 Hyperlocal Marketing with Qupon Dubai, VAE
Q4.2016 Hyperlocal Marketing with Qupon Dubai, VAE