Services for Retailers and Manufacturers

Quid offers a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services for large, small and medium sized retailers as well as manufacturers.

Profile-, location- and behaviuor dependent Offering messages are sent to smartphones, when the customers are already shopping. Customers can reserve deals, download coupons and manage their loyalty cards and redeem them.

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Deals are temporary reductions of price, such as "40% off" for a product or a product line. Typically the price reduction is offered during a period of few hours to several days or weeks.

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Offer your customers to participate in your contests, organised to motivate them to visit your shop.

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Special Bargain

Great value, special offers, available during 1 day only.

Event Invitation

Event invitations are adaptive messages sent to smartphones, depending on the targeted area, the profile and a specific situation. The messages can contain information about upcoming events, such as fashion events, workshops organised by you, brand events, test events, etc. The targeted customers are invited to participate in these events. 

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The best approach to get new customers or to reward existing cutomers is to offer them coupons. The coupons can be combined with the "Favorit" functions, so you can offer exclusive deals to customers who have favorised your business.

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Loyalty Card

Customer purchases are logged. This provides the possibility for a merchant to offer individualised loyalty programmes for their customers.



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