Smart Marketing Workshop

The key objective of this SMS workshop is to enable the participants to quickly develop and implement new hyperlocal marketing concepts for small and medium sized enterprises, with the aim to achieve substantial and sustainable revenue growth, by using the Quid platform. After the successfull completion of the workshop, the participants will be able...


  1. ...develop and implement autonomously revenue-driven marketing campaigs for their business or their customers;
  2. use efficiently QUID, the hyperlocal marketing platform for B2C business and to advise business about the most effective way of using QUID and...
  3. advide B2B businesses on implementing and improving their sales organisation

Details and Registration

  • Some experience in sales or digital marketing are an advantage
  • Consultant-/Entrepreneurial attitude
The workshop focus is the implementation of QUID based services for B2C businesses, with the following content:
  • Hyperlocality
  • Rich Media Advertising
  • Targeting
  • Customer Leadership Principles
  • Use of QUID
The workshop is ideal for consultant and professional services businesses for SME market. Typically the participants are already providing services to SME customers or aim to provide marketing services to SME customers. The workshop is well suitable for marketing specialist, marketing management, as well as SME management who aim to implement new marketing concepts based on leading edge technology.
After an initial introduction on digital and hyperlocal marketing, the participants will learn to use QUID, particularly to plan and conduct QUID based Marketing- Campaigns (Hyperlocales B2C Marketing). The workshop is praxis oriented with a focus on implementation and quick revenue generation and consists of an introductory presentation, business cases, the demonstration and training with QUID and licences to introduce QUID for up to 100 SMEs.
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Workshop Registration

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